31 December 2013

Things I want for this year

Ello everybody!

Last year was amazing, but I really hope that this year will be better. As I want to be successful, I thought, What if I make like a wishlist/bucket list for this year? So people, that's exactly what I'm going to do!

1. Help at home
God knows what a lazy person I am and my mum always complain about that :)

2. Post fifty book reviews in this blog.
Although the reading part isn't a challenge - I love to read and fifty books it's my daily snack (just kidding) - I'm a bit scared about the reviews.

3. Redecorate my room.
It's time for some new changes, some good changes.

4. Have a healthy life.
This year wasn't my healthiest. I'll start doing more exercise and I'll try to have a healthiest diet.

5. Try harder at school.
If you know that you can do it better, why aren't you trying?

6. Stick to my planner.
I'm the messiest person you'll ever know, so this year I'll have a beautiful agenda, and USE it.

7. Post twenty film reviews in this blog.
Same as in number 2, I don't think It'll be difficult to to watch the films, it's the writing part that has me troubled. But what it's a year without a challenge?

8. Learn something knew.
I still don't know what it will be, but I'm prepared for anything!

9. Grown a plant.
As silly as it may sound, growing a plant can develop a sense of responsibility. It's like having a pet, but way more simple!

10. Eat with chopsticks.
I heard that if you eat slowly, you digest better the food. This is like number 4 - health reasons - but I wanted this to have its own number :)

Well, here is my wishlist/bucket list for this year. I really think this will be fun - there are some stupid things -  and it'll make me concentrate a lot more in reaching my goals and what not and I hope that you guys have a wonderful new year's eve :)


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29 December 2013

Being Thankful & Goodbye 2013

Definition of thankful: pleased or grateful for something.

Ello everyone,

This year has brought to me so many things. Bad things and good things, but in the end everything seems to fit perfectly, and without them - including the bad things - this year wouldn't have been as great as it was.

My mum always told me that I've been living inside my bubble of happiness that protects me from all the awful things in this world, and that I don't know how the real world is, but that's not the truth. And even if I  know that I'm not the smartest girl around, I do know a few things. I would like to share with you in this post my secret of happiness.

It's not about ignoring the bad things that happen to you. It's not about doing therapies and looking yourself at the mirror and smile - although that may help -. It's not about all that stuff. My secret it's so simple, yet not so many people can realise it.

The key to happiness is being thankful. 

Just eight letters, just one word, but it has so much meaning. People's mistake is that they always take for granted what they have. They don't stop to think what could they be without it.

I personally believe that if you start to feeling grateful, you also start to feel more happy. And why's that? It's because you start to realise how many things you have - e.g: a house, someone who loves you, you eat everyday, you learn something everyday, etc. - and sometimes, and the most difficult part, it's to be grateful for the bad things. I know it sounds weird, but let me explain it.

I'll tell you a little piece of the story of my life. - can't stop singing 1D, sorry - Through all my life I had this person who psychologically attacked me a lot. It made me feel like I was noting and my esteem was gone. As I hadn't confidence in myself, I was always afraid of this human being and I could never defend or do anything for myself.

After some time, I began to heal all the injures that that individual made to me. And now I am proud to tell you that I'm so much stronger, and all thanks to that person. The scars lefts, made me the woman that I am now, and I wouldn't change anything. I believe that everything is for a reason, everything is perfect at the end. Maybe this person had to be mean to me so I would get stronger enough to confront a worst situation in the future. Who knows? Sometimes in the moment we see everything dark and horrible, but then, when we have made through it, we see that maybe it wasn't as bad as we saw it, we can see that it helped us instead.

I know that I shouldn't compare myself to other people, but my life has been so easy and happy compared to other ones. Don't think you're the one with the crappiest life, because there's always someone worst than you. Be grateful of the simplest things and you'll be happy all the time, everything will began to look like a gift, and definitely you'll receive everyday lots and lots of presents.

I am really grateful for this year, I've grew up as a person, I'm more mature now and I feel like if I could succeed anything. This year has been awesome, but 2014 will be better.

I wish you all the best for this new year! Hugs and kisses to everybody! Happy new year! :)

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25 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Ello everybody!

How was your Christmas? Mine was great! I went to my grandfathers house and even if it was just them, my uncle, my mum and me we had a great time and because we weren't that many people it felt really intimate and cosy.

I'm so tired now, yesterday was a busy day. As you know I was in Santiago for a few days, and my mum decided to return home the 24th. The good thing is that I was able to take a nap during the trip - perks of not having a license yet!

Of course being us and leaving everything to the last minute, we hadn't bought a present for my uncle, and of course - again -, EVERYBODY is doing a last minute Christmas shopping. The mall centres were overflowing with people and it was impossible to do anything. Ha, I'm just kidding, that was what my uncle said to us - my mum and me - and probably in somewhere it was like that, but truth is that when we mentally prepared ourselves and then arrived to the mall, we realised there weren't THAT many people. Of course it wasn't empty, but it wasn't like the nightmare that my uncle had told us. Funny thing? We were finished shopping in fifteen minutes. We had found everything in just 900 seconds only.

After that, we returned home and then went to my grandparents. We were also able to skype my sister, but it wasn't that long because there's a four hour difference, so when it just 9 p.m in here, it was already 1 a.m there.

I got a few presents, and I'm so happy about it - of course - but the best thing was to be able to spend some quality time in family - and also to eat like a pig the delicious food!

Hope you had a nice Christmas with your loved ones and that now you're enjoying your presents hahah :)

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because it was my uncle the one who took them with with his camera. But I leave you this wishing you a late merry Christmas.

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23 December 2013

Un petit voyage avant Noël

Ello everybody!

Right now I'm not at home! I'm writing in the capital of my country, Santiago. I came here with my mum to make some lasts Christmas shopping and so far so good. Actually, in Chile is still 23 of December and is not so late, I think that maybe in a few more minutes I'll go shopping - again pfff - with my uncle.

Well, I've been here from Saturday, and I'm so so so tired. It's like if after the party all my energy has gone and now I look like a zombie. If life was like Call of Duty, people should have to kill me... Oh god!

As for my Christmas shopping, luckily I've found everything, but my foots aren't that happy, so definitely I won't be doing exercise soon. Hell, all I want to do is rest till New Year's Eve! The only good thing about this marathon is that now I have new clothes and gifts for my dear ones :)

Although, my only wish for this Christmas would be that my sister can have a good Christmas during this holidays, because unfortunately for us - my mum and me -, she's in Denmark, in a "exchange experience" or however that is called, so she won't be with us and we'll really miss her. And because the mail is so fail, we cannot send her a Christmas present. Big sister, if you're reading this, our family and I wish you a merry Christmas!

And for you guys, I also wish you a merry Christmas and I hope that you can have a great time in family, open a lot of presents - although that's not the most important thing - and eat very very very much!!!

Hope that we don't get too fat this holidays! Comment below what's your favourite meal for Christmas. Mine's Turkey with salad and mashed apples.

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19 December 2013

Crazy night!

Hello everybody!
Yesterday was crazy.  Today was/is crazy.  Tomorrow will be crazy.  In fact, my life is crazy. But let me tell you.

Yesterday was one of my BFF's birthday, so because she's very young I thought that it was gonna be early the thing, but I was so wrong.  I had to go to a celebration at my school - that started at 8.00 p. m - and then was the birthday. Because I didn't remember the address I had to wait till almost 9.00 for some other friends to take me there, but anyways, everything was so good, we had a lot of fun doing stupid things and talking of everything and nothing.

The cool stuff started when I pushed one of my friends into the pool, and of course it backfire me. Soon it was me the one all soaked. After that we achieved to convince everybody into the pool and hell we had the moment of our lifes in there.  What can I tell you, of course a few song of Justin Bieber had to be sung hahahah!

And today it's been very busy because tomorrow I have the prom party - to which I've been invited - so I still have to find something to wear...  probably tomorrow I'll upload a picture of the final look.

Anyways, wish me luck...  I'm sure I'm gonna need it.  Oh! and comment below if you have ever been thrown into the pool with your clothes on :)

Actualization: This was my final look. Excuse the bad quality :/ 

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8 December 2013

From Friday to Saturday judging

Ello everybody!

Today's pretty early, I think it's 8:06 am to be exact, and while I was checking twitter and I saw that Rebecca Black was a trending topic!

You know what preople say, curiosity killed the cat. Minutes later I was thinking that my ears were going to bleed because of the new song that Rebecca had released. Years ago was the song "Friday" (no need to say it was awful) and now she released a song called "Saturday"!!!

I think that everyone and not just me thought that it was going to be a crap of a song, but when I watched the video, I quite liked it.

I think this girl has improved a lot since her first "single" (a.k.a Friday), but people's punishing her new song because they don't like her or because the didn't like "Friday". When I realised this, I began to feel bad because everybody (including myself), we're holding prejudices that  most of times aren't true. Why do we always judge something before we even know what is it about?

Worst of all is that we probably do it unconsciously. We never think twice before judge anything.

The video is here if you want to watch it. Let me know what you think about it :)

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7 December 2013

Prank with some ice cream

Ello everybody!

Today I had so much trouble trying to wake up at 9.00 am! I'm so lazy, it was like if the sheets of my bed wouldn't want to let me go. But once i untangled myself from bed, and was able to take a quick breakfast, i had to fly to school.

I think i finished my schedule before noon so i went to my grand-parents's house and had some homemade mashed potatoes that was delicious.

After that i killed some time doing nothing productive to human life and at 5.30 pm i went to the mall to hang out with my friends, we ended at the ice cream shop. We all ordered something, but when my boyfriend went to wash his hands, my friends and i thought it'd be fun to prank him. 
Everybody hided behind a "wall" and we asked to the waitress to tell him that he had to pay the bill because we had left. During this whole episode, another friend was having it all recorded!

I believe we only hold it up for about five seconds because then we all cracked up. We were laughing so hard that people glared at us evilly!
It was a nice afternoon, and the prank entertained us a lot, but now i'm quite scared because my boyfriend said that he would get his revenge one day, and i'm pretty certain that he was serious hahah!

Here's a photograph of the limonade i ordered at the ice cream shop, although then i ate a little bit of everyone's ice creams.

My favourite ice cream flavour is ananas. What's yours? Please comment below and let me know :)

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