19 December 2013

Crazy night!

Hello everybody!
Yesterday was crazy.  Today was/is crazy.  Tomorrow will be crazy.  In fact, my life is crazy. But let me tell you.

Yesterday was one of my BFF's birthday, so because she's very young I thought that it was gonna be early the thing, but I was so wrong.  I had to go to a celebration at my school - that started at 8.00 p. m - and then was the birthday. Because I didn't remember the address I had to wait till almost 9.00 for some other friends to take me there, but anyways, everything was so good, we had a lot of fun doing stupid things and talking of everything and nothing.

The cool stuff started when I pushed one of my friends into the pool, and of course it backfire me. Soon it was me the one all soaked. After that we achieved to convince everybody into the pool and hell we had the moment of our lifes in there.  What can I tell you, of course a few song of Justin Bieber had to be sung hahahah!

And today it's been very busy because tomorrow I have the prom party - to which I've been invited - so I still have to find something to wear...  probably tomorrow I'll upload a picture of the final look.

Anyways, wish me luck...  I'm sure I'm gonna need it.  Oh! and comment below if you have ever been thrown into the pool with your clothes on :)

Actualization: This was my final look. Excuse the bad quality :/ 

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1 comment:

  1. I've been thrown in a pool more than I want to accept :P hihihi


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