8 December 2013

From Friday to Saturday judging

Ello everybody!

Today's pretty early, I think it's 8:06 am to be exact, and while I was checking twitter and I saw that Rebecca Black was a trending topic!

You know what preople say, curiosity killed the cat. Minutes later I was thinking that my ears were going to bleed because of the new song that Rebecca had released. Years ago was the song "Friday" (no need to say it was awful) and now she released a song called "Saturday"!!!

I think that everyone and not just me thought that it was going to be a crap of a song, but when I watched the video, I quite liked it.

I think this girl has improved a lot since her first "single" (a.k.a Friday), but people's punishing her new song because they don't like her or because the didn't like "Friday". When I realised this, I began to feel bad because everybody (including myself), we're holding prejudices that  most of times aren't true. Why do we always judge something before we even know what is it about?

Worst of all is that we probably do it unconsciously. We never think twice before judge anything.

The video is here if you want to watch it. Let me know what you think about it :)

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