7 December 2013

Prank with some ice cream

Ello everybody!

Today I had so much trouble trying to wake up at 9.00 am! I'm so lazy, it was like if the sheets of my bed wouldn't want to let me go. But once i untangled myself from bed, and was able to take a quick breakfast, i had to fly to school.

I think i finished my schedule before noon so i went to my grand-parents's house and had some homemade mashed potatoes that was delicious.

After that i killed some time doing nothing productive to human life and at 5.30 pm i went to the mall to hang out with my friends, we ended at the ice cream shop. We all ordered something, but when my boyfriend went to wash his hands, my friends and i thought it'd be fun to prank him. 
Everybody hided behind a "wall" and we asked to the waitress to tell him that he had to pay the bill because we had left. During this whole episode, another friend was having it all recorded!

I believe we only hold it up for about five seconds because then we all cracked up. We were laughing so hard that people glared at us evilly!
It was a nice afternoon, and the prank entertained us a lot, but now i'm quite scared because my boyfriend said that he would get his revenge one day, and i'm pretty certain that he was serious hahah!

Here's a photograph of the limonade i ordered at the ice cream shop, although then i ate a little bit of everyone's ice creams.

My favourite ice cream flavour is ananas. What's yours? Please comment below and let me know :)

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