23 December 2013

Un petit voyage avant Noël

Ello everybody!

Right now I'm not at home! I'm writing in the capital of my country, Santiago. I came here with my mum to make some lasts Christmas shopping and so far so good. Actually, in Chile is still 23 of December and is not so late, I think that maybe in a few more minutes I'll go shopping - again pfff - with my uncle.

Well, I've been here from Saturday, and I'm so so so tired. It's like if after the party all my energy has gone and now I look like a zombie. If life was like Call of Duty, people should have to kill me... Oh god!

As for my Christmas shopping, luckily I've found everything, but my foots aren't that happy, so definitely I won't be doing exercise soon. Hell, all I want to do is rest till New Year's Eve! The only good thing about this marathon is that now I have new clothes and gifts for my dear ones :)

Although, my only wish for this Christmas would be that my sister can have a good Christmas during this holidays, because unfortunately for us - my mum and me -, she's in Denmark, in a "exchange experience" or however that is called, so she won't be with us and we'll really miss her. And because the mail is so fail, we cannot send her a Christmas present. Big sister, if you're reading this, our family and I wish you a merry Christmas!

And for you guys, I also wish you a merry Christmas and I hope that you can have a great time in family, open a lot of presents - although that's not the most important thing - and eat very very very much!!!

Hope that we don't get too fat this holidays! Comment below what's your favourite meal for Christmas. Mine's Turkey with salad and mashed apples.

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