30 January 2014

End of January

Ello everybody!

Just wanted to said goodbye to January with this last post. I'm so thankful to have an amazing family and to have the opportunity to go on a holiday - I know some people don't have the money or time - so I'm very grateful about that.

Expect new challenges and adventures for February, I'm sure they'll be amazing stories to write about! Subscribe if you want to read them :)

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Beach Trip Day #7 : Last day and end of our journey

Ello everybody!

Today was my last day at the beach - such a lame - but I'm still very happy and grateful to had had such an amazing week with my loved ones.

But of course nothing lasts forever and my holiday had to have an end. So we dislodged the cabin at midday and went to the beach a one last time. We spent 2 or 3 hours just listening the "sound of nature". But hunger won the fight and soon we were at a restaurant specialised in waffles - yummy! -.

Everything was delicious and ... just yum yum! But well, I was surely just waiting for the promised wonderful dessert my uncle generously invited us!

I can't even describe how amazing it was! Just in a few minutes there were no remaining of the waffle. 

And with our tummies full, we chilled a little bit before getting to the road.

And then, well - it's pretty simple to guess - we jumped into the car and headed home. We arrived way passed 5 p.m but it was okay. I slept the entire trip and just woke up a few times when I was feeling it was the longest voyage of my life - just exaggerating -.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and with this last upload of "Beach Trip" series I say ... see you later!

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29 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #6 : Flying and Kayak

Ello everybody!

Busy day today for my uncle, mum and me. We first begun the day with some "extreme" sports - it was sooo boring - and since we wanted to be like Peter Pan and fly all over the beach we did some Canopy at the beach, cool stuff - not at all -.

When it was over, I still wanted to fly - because the Canopy thing was a huge disappointment - so I saw this guy with this, I don't know how to call it, but it looked "dangerous" in some way, so I went for it.

I tried to do cool stuff in the air, but I only ended up succeeding with a simple mortal.

Then went at some restaurant - where in did the food was excellent - and ate fish with veggies - trying to safe all that stuff about being healthy, you know ;) -.

We did a little touring around the place and took some photos at the Ross Park. I must admit it's one of the prettiest parks I've visited.

And to finish our day we went doing some cayaking. Not sure if you guys call this sports like I do, but in my country we call them like that - comment below if you know them with another name - and well, we had a blast.

My uncle till today keep annoying me with this "Pocahontas" thing, since I have really long hair - fool -.

Anyways, that was it, much funnier and exiting than yesterday ;)

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Beach Trip Day #5 : Relaxing to the waves

Ello everybody!

Today we didn't do much since my uncle wasn't feeling very well. We've been - my mum mostly - giving him some "magic" pills that work miracles.

We only left the house in the afternoon and we didn't do much. We just went to the beach - again - and while my uncle slept almost two hours - I believe - my mum and me wore our bikinis and tried to get a nice tan.

Then, when finally my uncle woke up, we got back to the cabin - to get bored out of our minds -.

There you got it, didn't do much, but anyways, we have two more days to do other things. Comment below if the sound of the sea relaxes you.

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Beach Trip Day #4 : Slow day with music

Ello everybody!

Yesterday was really really slow. We didn’t do very much. I had for breakfast some coffee while I read my soon to be “review post”.

And because it was Saturday and we knew that town was going to be crowded so we decided to stay at the cabin and then go to the beach sunbathing. Guys, when you go to the beach put some SUNSCREEN because I burned my right brow bone – of all places It had to be in my face - and now It’s red and puffy, so make sure to put a lot of sunscreen.

We didn’t do much after that, I guess we weren’t in the mood.

Later at night we went walking to the town and ended up at a free concert! A national band was playing, I think their name was “Inti Llimani”, they’re very famous in Chile, but I didn’t knew them till today.

They play folkloric music, and well, when you have live music you cannot not enjoy it!

After all that music we were starving so when went for some “burritos” – Mexican food – and let me tell you. Best burritos EVER!

And that was for today, comment below if you also love Mexican food J

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26 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #3 : Sunset and a very weird Circus!

Ello everybody!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t post yesterday. I arrived to the cabin at 15 past 1 of the morning if I’m not mistaken and I was very tired.

Anyways, so yesterday was wonderful! I had a late wake up – blame tiredness of the other day – and had for breakfast some cereal – My sister’s advice – and then took a shower, you know, the normal stuff.

At 3 p.m we decided to go to these things – let me explain better-ly  - they’re like mini pools where you put some sea water – salty water – and then you let it there for the longest time till the water is gone – evaporation – and the salt stays in the mini pool. I hope you understood, because I didn’t understood myself hahah :)

Ok, so we took some photos and talked to the guys that worked there and blah blah.

We went then to “Punta de Lobos” that is a beach, but it’s also a place where you can watch the “lobos marinos” – they’re similar to seals I think – and played stupid for an hour.

We asked people to take us photos and because it was so windy everybody was cold. I mean, I was only with a skirt and a very thing shirt and jacket. I seriously thought that the wind was going to flew me away once.

The only way to beat the cold was fooling around – a.k.a jumping, running, etc – while people looked at us like if we were meant to be in an institution. Mean people.

We were really hungry after all that exercise so we stopped at a restaurant and had and for the main course I asked my favourite food when I’m at the beach. Fish with French fries.

I remember when I was just a little kid to go to a restaurant with my family and ask this. Although sometimes I asked it with some salad as my uncle did yesterday, but I can count with only one hand those times.

We chilled down after that, we talked to my sister by Skype and then relaxed a bit at the cabin. My mum wanted to go walk at the beach – again – so there we went.

We saw the sunset – one of my favourite parts of the day – and walked, and walked.

It was already dark when we were back at the cabin, and me and my mum had saw an announcement of a circus, so we decided to go.

But this wasn’t a normal circus, it was a drag circus. It was the scariest and weirdest experience ever. I was scared because it was a show for 18+ people, so I didn't want them to caught me.

I’d never been  at a show like that one but when I was buying my ticket I just kept repeating myself “try new things, do things you wouldn't do normally, you promised this year to try”. The guys/girls where ok, outside the show you can really see they’re normal people and not some kind of alien.

Well, it was a day with surprises and wind. Yep, very windy. Leave a comment if you've been at a “not normal show of everyday” and if you know how the mini pools are called, or the process itself.

P.S: Hey guys, I know I'm a day late with this post but it's been very difficult to find WiFi. I'll do my best tomorrow to catch up!

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