23 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #1 : Car & Pizza

Ello everyone!

It feels like it's been so long since I've posted. But now I'm writing almost right next to the beach. Yeah, you didn't heard me wrong, but like I said, just almost - I believe it's a 10 minute walk distance from where I am to the beach.

Anyways, I know I haven't been here so much lately but I've been busy preparing some other posts - just saying, some are going to be very long - but today is the first day of my "Beach Trip" series. There are going to be seven posts because I'm staying seven days at the beach - each day will have its own post - and well ... They're just going to be telling you guys what I've been doing and what not.

So, beginning with this day. We - my uncle, my mum and me - had decided to leave the house at 6 p.m because it was a voyage of two hours - from the city to the beach - but of course, my mum and me being the women that we are , were a little bit late. So I think we ended up leaving at 7.30 p.m

I still can't believe how we could fit all our luggage into my uncle's car - since is very small - but I think his boot's car is magic - like Mary Poppins handbag or Hermione's clutch -because everything seemed to fit perfectly and nothing ended crushed or broken, yayyy! - We even brought a T.V with us! -.

Then, we took of - finally! - and drove like one hour and a half. Since everybody was starving we decided to take a snack that at he end turned into two whole pizzas - there crumbles my idea of being healthy -. We stopped at some little restaurant that was very cute and small and ordered a vegetarian and "Española" pizzas.

Those pizzas were the best pizzas that I've ate! I even asked if they made delivery by bus - since I'm one hour and a half away - but they just laughed at me - evil people ... just saying ;)

By the way this was the best juice that I've ever drank before!
It became dark so we left the restaurant wand continued our journey to the beach. We arrived pretty late but we still were able to find some place to stay the week.

So now I'm sitting in my bed writing this post. Cool right? Obviously now everything is tidy and my clothes, shoes and stuff are already into the wardrobe.

I'm pretty tired since I ate like ... twice my weight in pizza but I really hope you guys like this pots because I'm having such a nightmare trying to find an internet connection. We're so far away of everything that my social media is probably going to take a rest this week.

Well, that's it. Comment below what's your favourite thing of going to the beach! Mine's that I can get a tan and match a way too dark mistaken foundation that I bought the other day hahah :)

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