24 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #2 : Sand and shopping!

Ello everybody!

Today's been quite relaxing. We woke up not that earlier - just 10.30ish - and then had a nice breakfast. Ok, it had nothing of "nice" because there was nothing to eat. Because we arrived very late yesterday we hadn't bought anything yet, no, actually there was literately just water and a box of tea, great! - note the sarcasm please -.

I was all day very tired because there was  dust everywhere. I'm not very sure if they had previously cleaned the thing but well, but because of that I couldn't have my beauty sleep. Last year these cabins were not that bad, - we had already stayed at this place - but this year I'm starting to hate them.

Anyways, then my uncle and mum convinced me to take a walk at the beach - bless them for that - and we had such an amazing time!

We took several photos and videos - some are going to be burred for life in my back yard - and walked and walked and walked. I even took a nice tan - you won't notice because now I look "normal" ... before I was Snow White's twin.

Then I had to take a shower - again - and my mum prepared our lunch. Just one word: delicious!

It was just her I guess "special salad" that is very easy to do but it's sooo yummy ;)

At the afternoon we decided to go do some shopping at the local ... well I'm not sure how to call them in English - sorry - but they have all these things that you won't need but end you'll end buying them because you think they're cute.

Guys, I'm just so exited about this! I was able to take a picture with a mini-alligator/dragon - I just call them that, but it's an Iguana -. Anyways, I'm telling, you the thing went into my hair! I'm not kidding, there I was standing beautifully with the animal in my hands and suddenly it started climbing my arms and went into my hair! Not fun. At all.

Well, it was as I said, a "calm" day, I had so much fun and had a nice nap after that - hahah ;)

Comment below if you know how the local things are called!

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