26 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #3 : Sunset and a very weird Circus!

Ello everybody!

I’m sorry that I couldn’t post yesterday. I arrived to the cabin at 15 past 1 of the morning if I’m not mistaken and I was very tired.

Anyways, so yesterday was wonderful! I had a late wake up – blame tiredness of the other day – and had for breakfast some cereal – My sister’s advice – and then took a shower, you know, the normal stuff.

At 3 p.m we decided to go to these things – let me explain better-ly  - they’re like mini pools where you put some sea water – salty water – and then you let it there for the longest time till the water is gone – evaporation – and the salt stays in the mini pool. I hope you understood, because I didn’t understood myself hahah :)

Ok, so we took some photos and talked to the guys that worked there and blah blah.

We went then to “Punta de Lobos” that is a beach, but it’s also a place where you can watch the “lobos marinos” – they’re similar to seals I think – and played stupid for an hour.

We asked people to take us photos and because it was so windy everybody was cold. I mean, I was only with a skirt and a very thing shirt and jacket. I seriously thought that the wind was going to flew me away once.

The only way to beat the cold was fooling around – a.k.a jumping, running, etc – while people looked at us like if we were meant to be in an institution. Mean people.

We were really hungry after all that exercise so we stopped at a restaurant and had and for the main course I asked my favourite food when I’m at the beach. Fish with French fries.

I remember when I was just a little kid to go to a restaurant with my family and ask this. Although sometimes I asked it with some salad as my uncle did yesterday, but I can count with only one hand those times.

We chilled down after that, we talked to my sister by Skype and then relaxed a bit at the cabin. My mum wanted to go walk at the beach – again – so there we went.

We saw the sunset – one of my favourite parts of the day – and walked, and walked.

It was already dark when we were back at the cabin, and me and my mum had saw an announcement of a circus, so we decided to go.

But this wasn’t a normal circus, it was a drag circus. It was the scariest and weirdest experience ever. I was scared because it was a show for 18+ people, so I didn't want them to caught me.

I’d never been  at a show like that one but when I was buying my ticket I just kept repeating myself “try new things, do things you wouldn't do normally, you promised this year to try”. The guys/girls where ok, outside the show you can really see they’re normal people and not some kind of alien.

Well, it was a day with surprises and wind. Yep, very windy. Leave a comment if you've been at a “not normal show of everyday” and if you know how the mini pools are called, or the process itself.

P.S: Hey guys, I know I'm a day late with this post but it's been very difficult to find WiFi. I'll do my best tomorrow to catch up!

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