29 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #4 : Slow day with music

Ello everybody!

Yesterday was really really slow. We didn’t do very much. I had for breakfast some coffee while I read my soon to be “review post”.

And because it was Saturday and we knew that town was going to be crowded so we decided to stay at the cabin and then go to the beach sunbathing. Guys, when you go to the beach put some SUNSCREEN because I burned my right brow bone – of all places It had to be in my face - and now It’s red and puffy, so make sure to put a lot of sunscreen.

We didn’t do much after that, I guess we weren’t in the mood.

Later at night we went walking to the town and ended up at a free concert! A national band was playing, I think their name was “Inti Llimani”, they’re very famous in Chile, but I didn’t knew them till today.

They play folkloric music, and well, when you have live music you cannot not enjoy it!

After all that music we were starving so when went for some “burritos” – Mexican food – and let me tell you. Best burritos EVER!

And that was for today, comment below if you also love Mexican food J

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