29 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #6 : Flying and Kayak

Ello everybody!

Busy day today for my uncle, mum and me. We first begun the day with some "extreme" sports - it was sooo boring - and since we wanted to be like Peter Pan and fly all over the beach we did some Canopy at the beach, cool stuff - not at all -.

When it was over, I still wanted to fly - because the Canopy thing was a huge disappointment - so I saw this guy with this, I don't know how to call it, but it looked "dangerous" in some way, so I went for it.

I tried to do cool stuff in the air, but I only ended up succeeding with a simple mortal.

Then went at some restaurant - where in did the food was excellent - and ate fish with veggies - trying to safe all that stuff about being healthy, you know ;) -.

We did a little touring around the place and took some photos at the Ross Park. I must admit it's one of the prettiest parks I've visited.

And to finish our day we went doing some cayaking. Not sure if you guys call this sports like I do, but in my country we call them like that - comment below if you know them with another name - and well, we had a blast.

My uncle till today keep annoying me with this "Pocahontas" thing, since I have really long hair - fool -.

Anyways, that was it, much funnier and exiting than yesterday ;)

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