30 January 2014

Beach Trip Day #7 : Last day and end of our journey

Ello everybody!

Today was my last day at the beach - such a lame - but I'm still very happy and grateful to had had such an amazing week with my loved ones.

But of course nothing lasts forever and my holiday had to have an end. So we dislodged the cabin at midday and went to the beach a one last time. We spent 2 or 3 hours just listening the "sound of nature". But hunger won the fight and soon we were at a restaurant specialised in waffles - yummy! -.

Everything was delicious and ... just yum yum! But well, I was surely just waiting for the promised wonderful dessert my uncle generously invited us!

I can't even describe how amazing it was! Just in a few minutes there were no remaining of the waffle. 

And with our tummies full, we chilled a little bit before getting to the road.

And then, well - it's pretty simple to guess - we jumped into the car and headed home. We arrived way passed 5 p.m but it was okay. I slept the entire trip and just woke up a few times when I was feeling it was the longest voyage of my life - just exaggerating -.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and with this last upload of "Beach Trip" series I say ... see you later!

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