17 January 2014

Bloglovin' arrived!

Ello Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know guys that now I'm also on Bloglovin. I'm still trying to understand how this thing work - It took me a whole week to understand how to "claim" my blog - so if you guys want to help me or suggest anything that you might think it'll help, please do tell, it seems my network techniques aren't quite sufficient.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

This is actually the "claim" part ... I believe. Anyways, if you also have a Bloglovin - is it the same as blogger/wordpress? - comment below so we can follow each other :)

Don't be scared if you want to stalk me a little bit
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  1. Hi!
    I really like your blog and I saw this post and I am totally on the same page as you. I think I'm on blog lovin ( I have two blogs - LenaLivingLife.blogspot.com and SpreadingHopeandLove.blogspot.com) but I'm not entirely sure.

    From what I can tell you can't really follow blogs directly on blogspot (I could be totally wrong) but you can follow blogs on bloglovin so you can connect the two to get followers.

    Let me know if you have figured this out, haha!


    1. Well, you can follow by blogger - It's very simple, just click in the "join this site" button - , but bloglovin' it's still a mystery to me ... I've been figuring some things out, but I can't call myself an expert hahah :)


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