10 January 2014

Cake & Dad

Ello everybody!

Yesterday I visited my dad and it was so great. I was really happy because I hadn't seen him in like ... three months! We were able to do some catch up and we talked and talked with no end.

But, this post is mostly for the cake that I did. Lately I've been doing cakes, cookies and that kind of stuff for when I have to go visit/meet someone, I think that makes the occasion much more intimate and special because you put your time, effort and love in the cake or whatever you do, so ... I wanted to share with you guys how I did it!

Ok, first of all I had to find all the ingredients, but because I'm so so so lazy I had nothing ... I mean, I had the basics - flour (with yeast included), sugar, milk - but ... I didn't have the "special" ingredients. I ended looking everywhere for something to use and finally I found some blackberry marmalade.

It was kinda fun to tell my dad how I made the cake because I just made it with four ingredients - five if you count the yeast apart - and it was so fast and unprepared but ... anyway, I'll just show you the "recipe", if you can call this experiment like that :)


- 1 cup of milk.
- 2 cups of flour.
- 1 cup of sugar (I prefer to use brown sugar because it's healthier)
- 600 gr of blackberry marmalade aprox.


1. I preheated the oven to 175C° and greased the baking pan.


2. Then I mixed everything together - the flour, sugar, milk and marmalade - till it was well blended.
3. Then purred the batter into the bake pan.

4. And then finally I baked the thing.

Problem was that didn't count how much time I left the cake in the oven - I think it was probably 30-40 min), but I checked if it was ready by piercing the cake with a fork. If the fork ended with something on it then I waited a little bit more, and I repeated this till the fork ended clean.

I know this may not be the best cake in the world - sure it isn't - but I was in a hurry and this was the best that I could put on. I think this recipe it's great for lazy people like me, because you don't have to clean too much afterwards and it's fast and simple to do it.

I'm sorry if the pics aren't "pretty" but as I said before, I was in a hurry and the idea of making this a blog post was not a "prepared thing" 

Comment below if sometimes you like to bake or cook something :)

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  1. I love to bake and cook! And especially for others. it makes me feel so good! I'm sure your dad loved this cake!


    1. Thank you! Yeah, the next morning he sent me a text saying it was delicious :)


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