30 January 2014

End of January

Ello everybody!

Just wanted to said goodbye to January with this last post. I'm so thankful to have an amazing family and to have the opportunity to go on a holiday - I know some people don't have the money or time - so I'm very grateful about that.

Expect new challenges and adventures for February, I'm sure they'll be amazing stories to write about! Subscribe if you want to read them :)

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  1. Hi, thank you very much for visiting my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment!
    I had a little peek at your blog and it seems like you had a wonderful holiday at the beach! Is it summer there where you live?

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. Yes it is! The cold doesn't get to us till April :)

  2. Lovely post! So jealous that you have summer right now! Great blog. Definitely going to follow. Hopefully you can check out my blog? xx Tara


    1. Oh well, but when you'll have summer in a few months it'll be me the jealous one hahah :D

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous January, especially your holiday :)x

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