6 January 2014

Review of "The Hobbit: The desolation of smaug"

Ello everybody!

It's been a few days since I saw this film, and as I didn't liked the first film, I thought this one was going to be boring too, thanks god I was wrong!

First of all, I must be honest. When I realised that Orlando Bloom was part of the cast I was really exited because I loved Legolas in the The Lord of The Rings, and to be able to watch him again in this character made me really happy - Did you noticed that his contact lenses were lighter or it was just me? -.

Watching this film was really embarrassing because in the middle of it I screamed "OMG IS THE GUY OF FAST AND FURIOUS!"  when I realised that Bardo was played by Luke Evans - I screamed right in my boyfriend's ear... I think he's deaf of one ear now :) - and as we were at the cinema - full of people by the way - everybody turned towards me and stayed there staring me instead of continuing watching the film.

I don't want to give away any spoiler to those ones who hadn't watched it yet, but I can assure you  that if you didn't liked the first film - like me - you definitely will not think the same about this one. The visual effects were absolutely neat and amazing, and the acting of everybody was okay - me: Legolas ... *drool*-. I don't know if I liked more this film because there were some actors that I loved - pleeeaaase, we know that's the real reason - but I really enjoyed it.

The only thing that I hated about this film was the end. How could they?!?! It ended so openly that it still hurts. Probably I'll end up reading the book so I'll don't have to wait to know how the story ends but still, for those ones who don't like to read! The director - and everybody who worked in this film - is definitely evil and loves to make the audience cry! So guys, if you haven't watched the film yet, DON'T do it! Wait till the third film is out, just an advice.

Although if you did watch the film, what do you think about it? Comment below if so.

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  1. I've really liked it, even though they added a lot of stuff in order to hit a bigger audience.. The ending is HORRIBLE !

    enaihposa.blogspot.com :)

    1. I know!! People is so mean some times hahah :)

  2. Just joined your site, following each other would be great :)
    Thank you for your comment !


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