22 February 2014

Let's go to the Zoo

Ello everybody!

Today was such an amazing day. As the title give away the topic of this post, I went to the zoo with my dad and I just loved it!

I must admit that I'm not an animal lover person but I enjoy watching and whine over cute little animals. I think the last time I went to the zoo was at least 5 years ago and well, I was feeling going since tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to do something different.

We began with the "normal" animals and then decided to go see some dinosaurs. You can't go wrong with some dinosaurs, right? Oh, and by "normal" animals I mean that we visited the aquariums, saw birds from all places of the world of all colours, lions, giraffes, etc.

It was a long trip from my home-town to the zoo but it was worth it, definitely. Although walking around the bloody place for around four hours without food and water wasn't our best idea, - we almost died - we had a great time!

What's you favourite animal? Mine's the jaguar, can't help myself! Hope you liked this post and write to you soon :) Muac Muac!

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