4 February 2014

Review: The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

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A few days ago I posted my review of Percy Jackson & The Olympians Saga, and well, as you know the story continuous! Yay!

Okay, so this saga isn't complete yet, this October 7th the last book, The Blood of Olympus, will be released. So I'll just write about the other four books and when I get to read "The Blood of Olympus" I'll update this post with all five books on it. **(SPOILER ALERT)**

The Lost Hero

The Lost HeroSo, this book is my least loved one of all of them - including the two sagas - and it's just because one simple but HUGE thing. Percy's missing.

We begun the story with Jason Grace, - son of Jupiter (Zeus) - and he wakes up in a school bus with no memories at all. In the bus there's also Leo Valdez - son of Hephaestus - and Piper McLean, - daughter of Aphrodite - they're Jason's friends, and together they have to fight some wind spirits before the "extraction team" - Annabeth and Butch ( son of Iris) - comes and rescue them.

I didn't know why Annabeth came with Butch and not Percy, but then Annabeth says that Percy is lost and Jason should know where's her boyfriend. Okay, so first was Grover and then Annabeth, it hurt me to have them missing in the previous books, but Percy? I was a zombie in coma with my heart broken!

In this book you realises that Rick added some Roman stuff, I mean, Greek gods aren't the only ones. There's also a roman camp - Camp Jupiter - and well, the story says that both camps have been hidden from each other because they always fight and it's always bad.

Rick says that roman gods are the Greek gods, it's hard to explain, but just think as if someone has a double personality. Remember that roman gods are the same Greek gods but with different names and sometimes different personalities.

I loved this book, it's amazing how the Greek and Roman sides are mixed together! I makes the story continue but with new ideas and that makes it more interesting!

The Son of Neptune

The Son of NeptuneAlrighty! Finally Percy appears! This story takes place at the same time that "The Lost Hero", that means while Jason, Piper and Leo were in their adventure and blah blah, in here we see the story from Percy's POV - point of view -.

We get to know how Camp Jupiter works and meet new characters like Octavian, - Augur of Camp Jupiter - Hazel Levesque, - daughter of Pluto (Hades) - Frank Zhang, - son of Mars (Ares) - and Reyna- daughter of Bellona -. I love all this characters with my heart except for Octavian. In "Percy Jackson & The Olympians" I loved Luke, even if he was the bad guy, but I just can help hate Octavian.

Percy only remembers Annabeth - my heart died with percabeth - because he also lost his memories - like Jason -. He has to go on a quest because Camp Jupiter is in danger. During his adventure, he begun to remember things - like Jason - and their plan is to rescue the golden eagle - the pride of Twelve Legion - and get back to camp and save it.

They have to battle some new monsters, some are Greek and some Romans - doesn't matter to me they're all monsters - and while this story we discover that Frank has the power to change into any animal he desires, - something about his mother's bloodline - and Hazel is cursed - she attracts any precious metal -.

We also get to see some old characters like Nico Di Angelo, and in this book I find him a lot more mature and I don't know, he's not anymore that lost boy, now he knows what do and that makes me like him much much more.

I loved this book, I loved everything, and when it ended with Percy saying he wanted to introduce Hazel and Frank his other family - Annabeth and the others - I just couldn't wait to read the third book!

The Mark of Athena

Here we have all seven demi-gods from the prophecy together - Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Percy, Hazel and Frank -.

It begins with the seven escaping from Camp Jupiter because an Eidolon - spirit that can possess people and machines - makes Leo to shoot the camp with the Argo II - their ship that it's super-amazing and can fly -. They have to leave the camp and go to Rome to begin with their quest.

During their trip Annabeth must do her part of the quest alone, she has to go looking for a statue of Athena that was stolen from the Parthenon by the Romans. The theory is that because of the stolen object Greeks and Romans can't be in peace, so the plan is to return the statue to Greeks and like that stop the war between Greeks and Romans - between the camps -.

Some very known characters appears such as Hercules, although in the book - and Piper - they describe him as a jerk. Also we have the giants, that want to take over the world with Gaea - she's the bad guy in the story -. The problem here is that Gaea is asleep, and when she'll wake up it'll be the end for everybody - although the Giants and Gaea where at the beginning of the Saga.

I really loved this book, all seven are together for the first time and it makes the prophecy a lot more real. And we can see that all characters are changing - for good - because they're more mature. Percy and Nico are the example.

I loved also how Rick said that the Mediterranean was like a prohibited zone for demi-gods because it had a thousands of ancients creatures - monsters -.

I could go and go on with my review but I don't want to give ALL the book away! I loved every second I read it!

The House of Hades

Okay, I just lost it. In the previous book at the end Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus. - in the most romantic "as long as we're together" way -. I was very curious about how Rick would describe Tartarus since in our previous experiences with it he didn't.

It just blew me away! I don't want to go there, never! I still and always respect much more Percy because he went there on his own will - where he went to follow love (sarcasm) -. Anyways, there their mission is to close the doors of death - the doors must be closed by the two sides (from Tartarus and in the living world) - so Annabeth and Percy will close them in Tartarus and the others will close them in Greece.

In their way to close the doors of death Nico and Jason make a quick visit to Cupido, and let me tell you he isn't the cute baby in diapers, Rick made a more warrior version of him. The thing is Nico admits he has a crush on Percy. I just loved it!

The appearance of homosexual characters makes the story more realistic since not everybody is heterosexual. I didn't expected Nicoto  be gay, it was a total surprise, but it was a good one! I feel like a appreciate Nico much more now.

Also in Tartarus we get to know Iapetus/Bob, and I just love him. He's a Titan but Percy erased his memory and he became the most cute and gentle Titan ever. He and Damasen - a giant who isn't bad at all - help Percy and Annabeth to get to the doors and close them by sacrificing themselves. I cried at the end, I really loved these two unusual characters.

At the end Reyna will take the statue to camp Half-Blood with the help of Nico while the other seven will go in the Argo II to Athens to avoid Gaea's awakening.


I loved this saga so much and I can't wait to the publish of "The Blood of Olympus"! I don't know how I'ill stand the waiting - I'm sure it'll kill me -. I hope you like this review and just four words for you guys: JUST READ THE BOOKS!

All the book's covers are from Rick Riordan's official web site. Click HERE to go the official web site.

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