1 February 2014

Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan

Ello everybody,

I'm very happy to make this review since last week I've been very busy reading all this amazing books by Rick Riordan. This is my second favourite saga, because I'm really in love with Greek mythology, and this saga has a lot of that. Sooo, let's jump into it! **(SPOILER ALERT)**

The Lightening Thief 

The Lightning ThiefSo, this is the very first book. I absolutely love it. The way Rick makes half-bloods - demi god/demi human - a possibility in the real world amazes me. When I was reading this book I really thought for one time "what if half-bloods really exist?"

Then, when he introduced us the Camp Half-Blood ... I have no words, it was like when J.K Rowling introduced us Howarts. With so many new things, activities that only in a book could appear. This place, I'm craving that they make one in the real world, because I'll be the first one to go - Although I believe they have already one in Texas -.

I loved the characters, all of them. Normally there's always one that you don't like much or you don't like or hate, it's just a character to you. But in this book, I loved every one of them, even Luke - he's the bad guy -.

I'm still dreaming that when I go the the Empire State, I'll go up to the the six hundred floor and meet the gods - even if I'm just a mortal, because you know, Olympus don't allow mortals in -.

The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of MonstersWell, this book was the more easy to read of the saga. Definitely.

When Grover goes missing all I thought was "Noooo, you can't be missing!" but anyways, now that Percy had a year knowing that he was a half-blood made things more ... quicker?

The introduction of Tyson the Cyclops mmm ... I must admit that while I was reading I didn't like Tyson. I thought that because he was also a son of Poseidon he would steal a little bit of Percy's protagonism. Luckily he didn't and at the end of the book I just loved him just as all the other characters - Brotherrr! -.

In this book you can really tell that Luke's the bad guy, and that he want to be that guy. He still has a soft spot for Annabeth and she doesn't want to believe that he's evil because she likes him - Nooo!! Percabeth (Percy x Annabeth) for everrrr!!! -.

Oh, and the Sea of Monsters in the Bermuda Triangle, that was it. I lost it. It made totally sense in my head why so many ships and planes got lost at the place, Rick's making me believe that his world of fiction is real.

All the new monsters, stories, characters, and much more were amazing. I loved it.

P.S: I loved how Grover had to dress as a bride, it totally made my day!

The Titans Curse

The Titan's CurseOmg! First it was Grover, and now it's Annabeth? I couldn't bear the lost of somebody else! - of course they're not dead, just lost -.

I know, I know, lets go the the beginning. With the return of Thalia - daughter of Zeus - and blah blah everybody is happy, except Percy because now he's not the awesome one, and because the two of them are always competing to know who's the best.

In one of the missions, Annabeth is abducted and that's when my world goes upside down! - Where's Percabeth?!? -.

Of course, new book, new characters and monsters. We get to know more some gods that aren't in the spot light and Nico and Bianca Di Angelo - sons of Hades - with Zoe Nightshade - lieutenant of Artemis -. I loved how Zoe talked like a very very veeery old person - she said thus instead of you - and how Nico talked about his mythomagic cards.

I know because of this I'm a horrible person, but I was happy when Thalia joined the hunters of Artemis, because that meant she was gone! Now, let me explain. There's this prophecy about one child of the big three - Zeus, Poseidon and Hades - and it says that that child will destroy or save the Olympus. Of course everybody thought it was Percy, but then came Thalia and nobody knew what to think. With her joining the hunters, she was out of the prophecy and leaved Percy to be "the one".

Well, I loved this book as much as I loved all the others!

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Battle of the LabyrinthJust saying it was awesome the idea of using the Labyrinth. I don't know from where Rick gets the inspiration or ideas but they're always superb! And now everything is great because they're all together - Percy, Annabeth and Grover -.

In here we get to know more to Rachel Elizabeth Dare - she appeared in the previous book -. I liked her at first but when she begun to take away the possibilities of Percabeth I wanted her as far away as possible from Percy.

I just really loved this book, all the details, and I LOVED how Percy got jealous of Luke when Annabeth didn't want to recognise he was evil and defended him. 

In this book we're also introduced to Daedalus/Quintus and Mrs. O'Leary - Daedalus' former pet Hellhound - and they're very important since Daedalus is the creator of the Labyrinth.

Also in this book Nico makes more appearances but I still found he was that lost boy who needed his sister. Although at the end he realises he can't bring back Bianca and that he has to trust Percy.

We can notice how some other character changes, for example Clarisse La Rue becomes "more softer" because she like a boy and blah blah.

Just good words for this book.

The Last Olympian

The Last OlympianAnd here's the last book of this saga. I didn't want this story to end - thank the gods it doesn't, thank you Rick - but I still devoured this book in seconds. This is the last move, the last battle, this is the moment when you wonder if Olympus will fall or survive.

The demigods are the key to the Olympus survival, and Percy is definitely the mortal movement. With his bath in the River Styx he becomes powerful enough to fight Kronos - a very evil Titan - that is now in Luke's body - although he allowed Kronos to use him as a "vehicle" -.

I still hate the fact that Zeus always think he's right when he's not. In this book Percy know that Titans will attack the Olympus while Typhon - a very powerful monster - is tearing everything down. But Typhon is just a distraction and Zeus just ignore Percy and go to fight the monster leaving the defence of Olympus in Percy's shoulders even if nobody told him to defend it.

Just loved this book, and finally my Percabeth becomes real! Yay! It just took five entire books but it doesn't matter now because they're together and everybody is happy! Now that Olympus is saved and with the new promise of the gods, there's a happy future for everybody.


I just loved this saga, as I said, it's my second favourite one. But don't cry if you think it's over ... because the Oracle spoke through Rachel and there's a new "big and important" prophecy! Which I'm happy for because that means NEW BOOKS! Yep, the story continuous with the saga "Heroes of Olympus" - which IS my favourite saga of all sagas - and trust me, is better. I didn't imagine how the story could improve, but Rick made it.

I hope you liked this post because it took me a while to write it, and if you haven't read the books, just give it a try, you wont regret it!

Here's Rick Riordan's official web site - click HERE - and all the book's covers are from the official page.

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  1. Yep, this is one of my favourites sagas ever. That was a really good review. I can't wait to read all the books from "Heroes of Olympus".

    1. Thank you! Just wait a few more days, I'll be uploading the review of "Heroes of Olympus" very soon! :)


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