8 February 2014

Some quick Valentine's Day ideas

Ello everyone!

I know some people always leave everything to the last minute - cough cough, me for example - so I came up with some ideas simple and fast that YOU can do - with your bare hands - and not only for girls with someone in their hearts, but also some ideas for your friends and family :)

To me, being with the ones that I love is enough, but to get a little present is always welcome. So let's get to it!

1. The card (universal)

Cards can be very predictable for this dates, so to make it more special it is YOU the one who has to do it. Don't buy it, making it with your hands will demonstrate that you truly care!

2. Cupcakes (family and friends)

Personalized Valentine's Day Cupcakes
This is a good idea if you like cooking! This works for everybody, and if you're hanging out with some friends at your house, - it could be somewhere else - what better than bringing them a little snack related to Valentine's Day to remind them that is also the day of friendship!

3. Customize notebook/sketchbook (universal)

DIY little covered notebooks for Valentines day
This is very simple to do but it takes a little more time than the other ideas. I already made one - for one of my BFF's birthday - and that person loved it! Sea Lemon teaches us how to make a sketchbook in her YouTube channel - click HERE - but I'll leave the video here anyways.

4. Paper flowers bouquet (That special someone)

Origamisan › English › Origami Rose
You know, when you give flowers as a present they don't last long. Why not to give some flowers that will last years if they're well cared? Jo Nakashima made a tutorial making some paper Roses that are beautiful - click HERE - and if your valentines likes crafts and art, this is definitely a good gift.

These are some simple ideas, and think they're really cute :3 Giving a  little present to someone in these dates can really make the day to that person! Remember: Give some love, and love it's what you'll get <3

I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day, and much much much love for all of you! Muac Muac :)

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