11 May 2014

Review: El Zorro by Isabel Allende

Ello everybody!

I've been very busy as I've told you in my last post but as you know I can never stay away from books. My sister (who's in Denmark) told me that her Spanish professor - which by the way she's sooooo nice (and I know that because I talked to her on Skype once) - handed her a book ... and this book was El Zorro.

I don't know if you've heard about it before, but since Antonio Banderas made a film playing the role of THE Zorro, I'm sure you have. Well, so this story's about Diego de la Vega, but we don't hear of him till much later because the book starts with his father, Alejandro de la Vega and Regina - his wife -. Isabel Allende tell us their "love story" if it can be called like that and how Diego is welcomed to this world.

I must admit that all I wanted was to read Diego/Zorro's adventures and how he won every time against the bas guy but this book was more focussed on the way of how the character "Zorro" was born. I found all the characters were so "well made" - very realistic ... It's that even how it's said? - and I found some parts that that made me cry of laughing so hard and being honest, I was smiling like a fool when I finished this story.

I love the way Isabel wrote this book, I couldn't stop reading once I'd began. She has this way of saying things that make you unable to stop reading so I'm sure she has some kind of superpower or something hahah.

Anyway, I recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a quick read since the book is very interesting and entertaining - to the point of sometimes hilarious -.

The cover's from Isabel Allende's official web site. Click HERE to go to the official web site.

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9 May 2014

Efforts and Mother's Day


Ello everybody!

I know I haven't been around so much lately ... but school isn't easy this year and I have so many exams and homework that I barely have time to sleep!

Anyway, I'm back just for Mother's Day and what better than give some last minute ideas. I think I'll just tell what I'm gonna do this Sunday so you can get some inspiration and blah blah.

1. Breakfast in bed.
Every year since I could stand on my feet I'd make my mum's breakfast with my sister. Most of the times we fought about what to prepare but some pancakes, orange juice, toasts and tea will do. Just make sure that you wake her up with a tray with so much food on it that it's almost falling out of it.


2. Flowers.
I'll be honest with you guys but I've never bought some flowers to my mum. Flowers are really expensive and don't last long enough to appreciate them. Normally I'll make her Origami flowers. I remember that one year I wrote on each flower's leave a trait that I loved about my mother, she really liked it.

3. Give her a present made by yourself.
I'm a truly believer that gifts made by our own hands are much more valuable ... it just shows to the other person that you really care about him or in this case, she. It doesn't matter if your gift isn't magnificent, but people and specially our mums will appreciate the effort we put into it.


I don't know what else I could write here ... you people probably knew about all of this :) I know that my mum isn't very hard to please, to her the perfect Mother's Day is just me waking her up and telling her that I love her with all my heart ( and do not forget my sister, she has to do the same).

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Much love xx

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