18 October 2014

Shopping around with mum!

Ello everybody!

Today was an unexpected day... but let me explain..

I had plans. Plans like everybody else. It was supposed that I would meet a friend that I haven't seen for a few months now... But something terrible happened to him and we couldn't see each other.

No, he didn't died, but his grandma did. He was a little sad, but he's mostly fine now. He knew his grandma had lived loads of years and it was her time.

So... like all my schedule and plan weren't going like they were supposed to be my mum invited me to the mall. We were suppose to just go in, pay some bills, and leave. But obviously because we're women that wasn't possible.

BTW this is a new London themed planner that I got a few weeks ago :)

We ended buying new pairs of sun glasses, some clothes for my mum and make up brushes for me.

Then we decided to go buying some things so we could have a girls night. Movies, pizza and booze were a must.

We decided to watch 22 Jump Street - since who doesn't like to see Channing Tatum on screen - and Edge of Tomorrow with tom Cruise. I'll probably make a review of those films soon.

Comment below if you have already or want to see those films!
Love y'all. Muac!

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15 October 2014

Contacting Long Lost Family Members


Ello everyone!

Today was a slow day, had to do some chores that my dear mum asked me too - which almost took me the WHOLE day - and also I spent some time writing e-mails to my family in France.

Yep, you heard me right. Since I'm going to Europe my dad and I thought it'd be an amazing time to try to spend some time with the other side of my family.

It's been probably 8 years since I haven't seen them so I'm very exited to finally spend some time with them.

But actually one thing that I wanted to talk with you guys... is that I was very surprised by my family's emails. Let me explain myself.

I mean, I'm from Chile and we have a lot of "email servers" - if they are actually called like that? -. I use Gmail, but I know there's also Hotmail and many more.

And in France there's Cegetel and SFR ... so I'd like to know if you're from another country, what servers do you have or do you use?

Don't forget to comment bellow :) Much love xx

Don't be scared if you want to stalk me a little bit
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14 October 2014

Exiting News!

Ello everyone!

It's been a long time... But with school and all that jam keeping a blog is a difficult task.

Anyway, I'm so exited because now that I finally finished school I'll start writing much more. I have two things that I'm dying to tell you guys:

1. I'm writing a story on Wattpad

Yes guys! you heard right. Although I'm not a professional writer or anything you know that reading is my number one favourite thing to do so it was like sooner or later I would try to write something myself.
I've always wanted to do it but never was sure. I tried once with my sister, we kinda did a "collaboration" with me writing and she editing, but then the story was too cliché and we got bored of it. Let me tell you she was maybe 15 and I 13.
Now this is a huge step for me because I'm writing it in English so I'm very afraid of how many mistake I'll do. I guess it's like writing a blog, but then a blog is less formal and it doesn't matter too much if you just mess up.
Please help me and give the story a try. I'm enjoying very much the process of making it and I hope you also enjoy reading it.

Click HERE to read it.

2. I'm travelling to Europe next month!

Wohoooo!!! I've expected this trip for the longest time of my life and finally the time has come. I'm going with my class for about almost four weeks to Europe. We'll go to France, London, Spain and Italy. I'm sure it will be great!
I'm super exited because also it means that I'll have something else to talk about instead of things related to school. I guess that I didn't kept the blog updated because besides school my life is almost nonexistent.

Well that was all guys, hope you are existed as I am.

Don't be scared if you want to stalk me a little bit
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