3 March 2015

Back 2 School


Ello everybody!

You may not know but us, in Chile, we begin our school year in March. January and February are our summer vacations - which we definitely try to enjoy ourselves and try to forget all about school -.

First day was... hard. Try to start waking up at 6:30 am at once when all you've been dong the last two months of your life is sleep till noon ;)

So when my alarm went off I put my sneakkers on and did some elliptical for about 30 minutes, took a quick hot shower, did my make-up and voilà! It turns out getting up at 6:30 didn't give me enough time to get ready - couldn't make it to breakfast *sighs* -.

At school everything was relax because it was "first day at school" and all that stuff.

I was so tired that when I went to bed the moment I closed my eyes everything went black. No time for analysing what had happened that day or to think what to do the next day. I just remember breathing deeply one last time and then I fell asleep.

Today I was brighter - or so I like to think - because I woke up at 6:00 am just to have more time and have a nice and calm breakfast without the stress of having run out of time.

My feelings are... mixed up? - I guess - about how I feel of going back to school .It's good and bad at the same time. I just hope this year will be amazing and I'll success at all my goals.

Comment below if you're also starting your school year or if you've already started it! I'd like to know :)

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