19 March 2015

Books into series & films

Ello everybody!

I've realised that school doesn't leave me much time to read as I used to last year - being senior and stuff - so because I'm too tired to open a book I've been watching lots of videos on YouTube or watching films or series simply.

And then there's always the thought: The book is much better than the film.

I wanted to show you that sometimes that is not always the case. There are several categories - as I think there are - and I wanted to share them with you guys! Let's get to it!


I think this is the hardest category. The director have to put the greatest amount of details as possible in less than 90 minutes aprox. I think that is the main reason of why the majority of films fall into category number 1.


1. The book is much better than the film.
As I said, because you don't have much time you can't put all the details into the film but I think also a bad choice in the cast, the 'stupid' and 'over used' clichés in the dialogues and situations or even bad visual effects can make the film horribly offensive to the book.
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I just hated the whole film. Because it was a great book I had high expectations for the film... but it just let me down. Having this amazing book full of ideas and wasting all of that... it was just... argh.


2. The film was okay, very similar to the book.
Some directors know - or prefer - to stick to the book. Although sometimes they change some things, for example, they make a character more important than it was in the book or they change some of the dialogues. Normally what happens is that the actors don't always fit with the physical description the author gave in the book.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lighting Thief. Some differences like for example Annabeth's hair colour - in the book she's a blonde, not a brunette like in the film - or Percy's eyes colour. Just very little details that for somebody who isn't a fan of the book don't find them relevant.


3. Awesome! It's almost like the book, I loved it!
This happens rarely - just my humble opinion -. I've happen to cross very few films in this category and I think is because normally a director wants to put some of his creativity in the making of the film, etc. Only a few details are different, but because the majority of the time is was very similar you just let it go. - *stars singing 'Let it Go' by Idina Menzel * -.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I think the film was just like the book because the book itself isn't too large. It's a great film though and I just love it!


4. Wait... It didn't end that way!
Did it happened to you that you're watching a film, and everything is going perfectly, but then at the end suddenly everything goes wrong?
This happens - I believe - because the directors want to start the film just like the book but at the end they change it because they want to put their mark on it or simply because they want a more 'commercial' film.
Rubinrot - aka Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier -. I remember watching this film and being amazed by it. The characters, the costumes and even the chronograph was just like I imagined it. But then everything went wrong when the film ended with a horrible final that was 'more commercial' so they could reach more audience.


I think this is the best way to make a book go to you TV. Because you have more time is always easier to get even the small details and personally I prefer to watch a good series than a bad film - I'm talking about films based on books, obviously -.


1. OMG! It's like I imagined it!
Again, the matter of the time. I - love, love, love - when the series is just like I imagined it. And when the director decides he'll even put some of the book's dialogues you can't just not fangirl like crazy and scream 'OMG! He said it! He said it! I remember have read it! Yes! Oh God, I'm gonna cry!'.
Outlander. Just can't even express how happy I am that this series in particular is in this category. Everything from the cast, the costumes, the dialogues - everything! - is JUST like I imagined it. Exactly like I imagined it. It's perfect, there's not another word for it.


2. Oh well... they lost their way.
Sometimes it happens that you begin to watch a series and you find it amazing. Then season two arrives and your fangirling again just like with season one. And after that season three comes and you find quite some differences between it and the book. And Season five is nothing like the book and you realised the series will not follow the books anymore.
The Vampire Diaries. I remember to begin watching this series with my sister. We were really exited because we just had read the books - fell in love with them - and were exited to have them made into a series. But then between season four and five I stopped watching it because it had very little to do with the books and it wasn't as awesome as I had found it years before.

Don't forget to comment below what are your favourites films or series!

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  1. Great post! I agree so much. I often watch the movie first and then the book because the book is always better :)


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