9 March 2015

Ebooks or paperback

Ello everybody!

Today I want to talk about something that every reader has thought at least once in his life: Do I buy the Ebook or paperback edition?

Everybody has a different opinion and I just want to say right away that this post is based in my personal experience. I love both ways equally because I found that depending in my circumstances I'll choose a method or the other. I'm not saying you should do what I do - that's simply stupid - but here are my pros - I don't feel the necessity of doing cons - for each way of enjoying reading.



1. Don't take space.
This is ideal for when you're you're travelling and you don't have a lot of space. Also you don't need to be preoccupied wondering if your book will get damaged if you have squeezed everything in a small bag.

2. A whole library in your pocket.
This go by the hand with my previous observation. You can have 100 books instead of only one using the same physical 'space' - which could be a tablet, a kindle, your phone. etc. -. I enjoy having a lot of options when I want to start reading something new, I take my time and then choose. If I had a paperback edition I'd only be able to have one or two with me.

3. Light is no needed.
I must confess that last year I spent several 'sleep hours' reading. I can get a little obsessed with a book if it's good enough - cannot put it down till I finish it - so while I was supposed to be asleep I was reading. My mum never discovered me since I turned my light off and then I went to bed with y tablet on hand ;)
I'm not saying you should do this, it's was irresponsible from my part and the next morning I felt awfully tired - acted like a zombie - and had headaches all day. It's not healthy nor good to skip sleep, but I just wanted to remark the fact that you can read even if it's really dark.

4. Whenever and everywhere.
With the technology we have today is so easy to read whenever we want. You just need to have some electronic device with a reading app and voilâ.

5. Tap! Forget about turning pages.
Sometimes when the book was very large and heavy my wrist begun to hurt a little. With and Ebook you don't have that issue and also turning pages is so much faster. Just a 'tap and touch' and you're ready to start the next page - even if you don't believe it that makes my reading faster -. Although I prefer hearing the sound of the turning page, this isn't so bad.

6. Personalize it.
I just love being able to change the font size because when you're tired you just enlarge the font and everything gets simpler and the words don't do a crazy dance you can't follow. Changing the theme to 'day' or 'night' theme or changing the brightness are the options I most use.


1. No need of power.
If the electricity goes off in the middle of a storm don't worry; light a candle, grab a cosy blanket and your favourite book. Not being a slave of electricity is a major plus.

2. Wanna feel romantic?
Don't know about you guys but when I read from the paper itself or hearing the page turning; makes me feel romantic - maybe a more accurate word is classic -. Maybe because everything is digital now I enjoy way a lot more the feeling of something 'more physical', something that feels more 'real'.

3. The scent of a new book.
When you buy a new book and you open it for the first time and you get that 'new book' scent. It's why I love buying books. Because in my country book taxes are very high buying a book is a luxury to me, so whenever I get the chance to buy a new one is mostly one of my favourites making the experience of reading it more significant.

4. Easy highlighting.
I tried highlighting in Ebooks and although is easy, when you want to find that particular page where you highlighted a quote it's a hell of a nightmare to find it. I never have that problem with paperbacks. Just begin to turn pages and when you see something yellow - my preferred colour to highlight quotes in books - you stop there you have it. Easy peasy.
I'm aware that maybe the problem is that I don't know how to use my reading app to find my quotes easily, so if you use Moon Reader + please let me know how to do it!

5. Joy & Pride of your bookshelf.
I get happy every single time I look at my bookshelf. As I told you books in Chile are expensive, so having the quantity I have makes me proud of myself because I know I've read all of them - Sadly there's not a TBR, aka 'to be read', section -.

6. Collector mania.
Because having the best covers is all we care about when we buy a book! When you begin to buy books it's impossible to not care of having the whole series with the same 'cover types' - is it that the way it's called? - or the same height. Every book has its own place in my bookshelf and I'd know really fast if someone moved them or changed them out of place. Makes me just little bit OCD.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Comment below if you agree with some points or not, let me know your favourite way of reading!

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  1. I love the paperback ones better because I love the feeling of holding it. Great post.



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